DAS Disk Arrays Storage

A DAS disk array is a Direct Attached Storage. It is a single hardware product full of disks (or SSDs) and allows for expansion of storage to a single server. Some DAS products allow for up to 2 or 3 servers to be simultaneously connected.

DAS is a low cost option to add reliable and expandable storage to either a new or existing server.

These products often have single or dual controllers as well as dual power supplies, to allow for redundancy, so will compliment an existing server setup.

DAS products are often vendor neutral, so a product from In-Win or Supermicro, for example, can work seamlessly with any vendor or model of server - all that's needed is a suitable interface card such as a RAID or HBA controller.

We can help you choose the right DAS to fit your needs. If you need to connect more than one server we would recommend exploring our SAN products.

"A low cost way to add large amounts of local storage. Limitless growth with no hassle, we can help spec the right box for your needs with ample room for ongoing upgradeability."
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