NAS, DAS or SAN, we have a wide range of custom storage options ready to be customised to your desired specification.

We also have a dedicated range of high end, custom built NAS box solutions by PowerNAS available with Windows OS or FreeNAS and a myriad of drive options which are also available as rackmount solutions.

View our range of storage systems and enclosures, such as JBOD, DAS and SAN from all major brands - designed to keep your storage demands in check and your data safe.

Our technical team are always available should you wish to discuss any RAID configurations or requirements to suit your needs.

Whether it's a back-up system or simply just additional storage space, we have the solution.

"Space, accessibility, scalability, security, speed, reliability, redundancy & backups.. you CAN have it all.. just look at our storage range or call one of our experts."
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
ISO Certified
Cisco Registered Partner
Intel Technology Partner Platinum 2020
vmware Professional Solution Provider
Western Digital Partner Programme

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