Intel Core Servers

Intel Core based servers are a good way to get a powerful, expandable and cost effective servers.

We've been building servers with Intel Core CPUs for many years. Not all customers need the functionality of Xeon CPUs and this is where an Intel Core CPU fits in nicely. The CPUs still fully support ECC RAM, which gives excellent stability. There are server based motherboards available that are fully Intel Core compatible, too.

Intel Core systems are great for a small office server, where power requirements and cost is more important than a large number of cores or compute power.

We've put together a range of Intel Core based systems to choose from which are suitable for many types of installations. If you need something a bit more special, please contact our server specialists on 01283 576162 and they would be happy to help.

"For the small office server offering outstanding bang for buck, expandable and feature rich, core series CPU's offer 4 cores, 8 threads and support ECC RAM."
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