AMD Ryzen Servers

AMD Ryzen are the latest range of high-performance but low cost CPUs from AMD designed primarily for desktop systems. Although not strictly for servers we've created a range of low-cost systems ideal for many uses, including general office servers, virtualisation, firewalls and more.

The latest generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs that our systems are built around consume low power, have a relatively low TDP for cooling efficiency and have an excellent core count for the money.

The AMD Ryzen CPUs range from quad core all the way through to 16-core (32-thread) CPUs for heavy workloads. AMD Ryzen CPUs can also take advantage of high clock speed RAM, up to 3200MHz on some models.

Our solutions are perfect if you're looking for a simple rackmount or tower based AMD Ryzen based server.

"Like most AMD chips, it lacks integrated graphics, but it makes up for it in terms of multithreading and easy overclocking, two features that some of its Intel competitors lack."

AMD Ryzen PC Mag Review

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