Micro In-Win Server from Server Store

Published by Marketing Team on the 7th Feb 2018

Today we’d like to talk about our fantastic In-Win based cube server, available to configure on our website.

This is a fantastic product in such a small footprint. The chassis itself is only 275 x 210 x 230 mm (D x W x H) and whisper quiet in operation.

What can I use it for? Lots of tasks. We have customers who use this for NAS, home office servers and small departmental servers for businesses. It’s a very versatile chassis and don’t let its small size fool you into thinking it doesn’t pack a punch.

Inside the chassis is a small form factor Asus server motherboard, supporting the latest Intel Core and Xeon E3 V6 series CPUs, as well as up to 32GB RAM. There’s also 4x 3.5” (or 2.5”) HDD hot-swap bays, making this an ideal solution for NAS or storage/archiving.

We offer a wide range of SSD and HDD’s compatible for this system – it can support 10TB drives, giving 40TB of storage in the size of around a shoe-box – very impressive.

For operating systems – you can either choose Windows 10 Pro or Windows Server 2016, making this a turn-key solution. Alternatively you can take the system without an OS, allowing a number of other OS’s to installed that are supported by the motherboard, including Linux and Windows 7.

At the rear of this power-house are a number of useful ports – PS/2, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, VGA, Dual Gigabit LAN and a Dedicated LAN port for the onboard IPMI. The IPMI is a server feature that allows for remote management of the system through a web browser anywhere online. It gives remote diagnostics, the ability to power on/off the server and with an optional IKVM module, the ability to remotely control the keyboard/mouse as if you were connected directly in front of it.

To configure this server online click here.

If you would like to discuss this server in more detail, or would like a different configuration please call our sales team on 01283 576162 who would be happy to help.

AMD EPYC vs Intel Xeon

Published by Marketing Team on the 18th Dec 2017

It’s an interesting one – AMD hasn’t had the best reputation the past 10 years for it’s CPUs.

The latest iteration of the AMD server CPU, named EPYC was released on June 2017 to worldwide acclaim and scepticism.

Previously for the past 10 years AMD has produced the AMD Opteron CPU. A fairly affordable, but poor CPU. The CPUs ran very hot and required massive amounts of cooling – Where there is heat there is power usage – So the AMD Opteron series CPUs were terribly power hungry, making it a non-starter for a lot of applications – Generally servers need to be as power efficient as possible.

In addition to the power issues was availability. European and UK supply of AMD Opteron CPUs was poor – Very few distributors had their products in stock and almost always were on long lead-times.

It seems AMD has listened and sorted themselves out. AMD EPYC CPUs run very cool, have an industry leading range of core count CPUs and when compared to an Intel CPU, core for core, the EPYC CPUs can be up to quarter of the price.

So the question is – Should I buy one? Yes and No, of course. AMD EPYC CPUs are high-end – the lowest model core count is 8 and equivalent of this would be an Intel E5-2620V4. Pricing at this range is very similar to Intel, but with the motherboards costing more than Intel equivalents, and only a few vendors producing them (Supermicro and Asus being the main ones) it’s still a niche market.

AMD EPYC is for HPC. At the higher core counts, as mentioned earlier, the 32 core CPU is around a quarter of the price of the Intel equivalent. For HPC this makes the Intel CPUs a very attractive option.

Server Case UK are premium Supermicro and Asus partners, producing servers daily for many markets and whilst we still favour Intel platforms, we are more than happy to explore AMD EPYC solutions for our customers.

If you’re considering an AMD EPYC based system and would like to talk to us about the viability or as a proof of concept for a larger installation please give us a call on 01283 576162 or drop us an email to [email protected]

Configure Your Own Server Online - Server Shop UK

Published by Marketing Team on the 7th May 2014

Did you know we have one of the largest catalogues of systems available for customisation online?

We have over 60 models of rack and tower servers for easy configuration online using our intelligent configurator. Our range includes 1U through to 5U systems suitable for many purposes, such as VoIP, Web Servers, Cloud Servers and Virtualisation.

We have created two types of servers;

Our PowerServe® range covers any general type of server. We’ve designed these to be multi-purpose, so can run various software and go into pretty much any installation. They can be used for standalone, clustered or even as storage server systems.

Our PowerStore® range of servers are specially designed high capacity storage servers. These are generally larger sized systems, from 4U Rack onwards and intended for file server or local SAN storage application. These systems come with high capacity storage potential, from 24x bays upwards, multi-Gigabit LAN connectivity and plenty of internal expansion potential for adding in SAN based cards such as Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI and Ethernet. These systems can also be connected to external JBOD enclosures for additional storage.

To discuss your requirements, or to place an order please call our dedicated technical sales team on 0800 652 1649 or contact us.

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