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  • 3-Year Warranty a Standard
  • Buy Now Pay Later & Leasing Options Available


26th Apr 2024

Unveiling the Superiority of AMD EPYC Servers over Intel Xeon Scalable: A Paradigm Shift in Data Centre Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of data centres, the choice of server hardware plays a pivotal role in determining performance, scalability, ...


12th Apr 2024

The Power of Short Depth Servers: Optimising Appliance Solutions for Modern IT Needs

In the dynamic landscape of Information Technology (IT), where efficiency and versatility reign supreme, the demand for specialised server s...


17th Mar 2024

Tailoring to Your Needs: The Benefits of Configuring Your Own Server Versus Pre-Built Servers

In an era where digital infrastructure is pivotal to the operational efficiency and agility of a business, the decision between configuring ...


1st Mar 2024

Navigating the Virtualisation Landscape: Proxmox with CEPH vs. VMware vSAN and ESXi

In the ever-evolving IT ecosystem, businesses are constantly seeking efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for their virtualisat...


16th Feb 2024

Revolutionising IT Hardware Purchases: The Benefits of Spreading Payments with IwocaPay

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying technologically competitive is not just a luxury but a necessity. However, the cost of acquiring and upgrading IT hardware can often strain a company's cash flow, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


9th Feb 2024

Unlocking Value: The Case for Custom Built Servers Over HPE or Dell

In the realm of server infrastructure, the choice between off-the-shelf solutions from industry giants like HPE or Dell and custom-built ser...


30th Jan 2024

Unleashing Power: The Benefits of Custom-Built Servers Over DELL and HPE

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT infrastructure, the choice between off-the-shelf servers from industry giants like DELL and HPE and a c...


30th Jan 2024

Unleashing Graphics Power: The Compelling Benefits of an ASUS GPU Server from Server Store

In the dynamic world of server infrastructure, the choice of a GPU server can significantly impact a business's performance, particularly in...


30th Jan 2024

Beyond Giants: Unveiling the Value of QSAN SAN as a Compelling Alternative

In the realm of Storage Area Networks (SANs), industry giants like NetApp, HPE, and DELL have long dominated the landscape. However, businesses seeking a powerful yet cost-effective storage solution should cast their gaze towards alternatives that offer comparable performance without the hefty price tag.


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23 September 2022

We needed another Rackmount station to add to our collection, as business demand... read more

Simon G

15 September 2022

5* Is what I have decided to give them. Excellent product. Great service and ove... read more


07 September 2022

5* Easy Dispatch. Good Product. Good Service. ... read more

Mark Aldridge

01 September 2022

Very friendly team with good options. Highly recommend. ... read more

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30 August 2022

Cannot fault, will order again. No issues in the process which is good. ... read more

Yusuf Data Systems

18 August 2022

Seamless process with easy buy actions. Could have bigger range but thats an add... read more

Trevor Lewisham

08 August 2022

Good Quality. Great Service ... read more


01 May 2022

I came across the business through a Facebook advert, which took me by surprise,... read more

Lewis H

22 April 2022

We needed several mobile workstations, as we operate several CCTV systems for ou... read more

Ashley Jones

18 April 2022

Me and my team spent endless time searching across the internet for a server tha... read more


02 March 2022

Pleasant to deal with quick responses to questions and queries.... read more


02 March 2022

I made a purchase, which was immediately dealt with, and the product status was ... read more

Samantha Morell

15 January 2021

Just received the In-Win MS04 server case. Great customer experience with Server... read more


14 January 2021

The product is sturdy, well designed and definitely up to the job it was purchas... read more

Scott Reilly

17 December 2020

Ive been looking at rackmountable cases to convert my desktop machines. Using go... read more

Steve Matthews

10 October 2020

I recently placed an order for a 4U rack case. I needed to amend the order which... read more

Kevin Donegal

09 October 2020

I purchased a 1U Short Depth Chassis on the 5th October 2020 and promptly receiv... read more


09 October 2020

I was switching my PC from a standard Mid-Tower case to a rack mounted unit. I s... read more

Kevin Donegal

02 October 2020

I keep ordering from ServerCase - the selection and price are good and the custo... read more

Owen Thompson

22 September 2020

A company that listens to its customers, and is willing to customise its product... read more

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