Despite the chaos of the pandemic, we are continuing to forge new relationships with trusted vendors to bring the best possible products and service to our customers.

Prior to the pandemic we held partner status with Intel, NVIDIA, Asus and PNY and this is still the case as we move forward towards 2022. Intel’s partner program has had a full revamp and rebrand and is now the ‘intel Partner Alliance’. This brings all the benefits of membership from the old program (advanced replacements for our customers, priority stock, sample loans etc) and adds a huge expansion of the ‘intel Partner University’ education portal with access to staff training programmes across multiple hardware and workflow sectors. This is something we value greatly as it only servers to empower our sales team to deploy the right product first time, every time.

Our ongoing NVIDIA Partnership is still in place for Pro Visualisation (RTX Pro and Tesla) and we are adding to our portfolio of products and knowledge with HPC/ Cloud and AI systems. This involves membership of an HPC/ AI specific partner programme from NVIDIA known as the NVIDIA AI Expert Programme. Again, a huge benefit for us in terms of technical training and assistance with deployment and support of large projects.

Asus and PNY continue to be our premium partners for motherboards across our own range of builds, Pro graphics cards and barebone and complete specialist servers for rendering, CAE, AI, HPC and cloud. We are Asus Gold Business Partners and PNY Pro Partners.

To bolster our HPC and AI offerings we have recently become a Mellanox Partner. This is a crucial addition to our portfolio of vendors for this sector. Mellanox produce some of the fastest and most reliable networking products available. It’s crucial that a network can deal with the sheer speed and quantity of data generated by supercomputing level server and workstation appliances. Standard onboard gigabit LAN will create a bottleneck so tight with these workflows that it almost renders buying the superfast workstation pointless in the first place. Mellanox have the whole ultra-speed networking ecosystem covered top to bottom and we are very excited to be working with them.

Our second partner addition of 2021 is ESET. Likely a name that needs no introduction as they have been leading security software from their ‘NOD32’ antivirus roots for 30 years. They now cover everything from a single user laptop to entire global corporation endpoint protection on pretty much any internet connected device with a chip inside it. Their sales and technical training is excellent and they have a dedicated team of experts on hand for full site/ business surveys to ensure the customer is getting exactly the protection they need.

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