Cabling Accessories

We have a wide range of networking cables on offer, from simple Cat5e copper cabling, through to the latest generation Cat7 and fibre optic cabling.

We only provide good quality network cabling from reputable brands and do not sell cheap alternatives. We often see customers who use lower cost cables cause problems - This is to be avoided by using a good brand of cable, such as Belkin, who are world renowned not just for their consumer line of products, but also for their enterprise/business grade products.

We have listed a small selection of cables on our site, but we have a database of tens of thousands of networking cables to choose from. If you can't find what you need please speak to our sales team on 01283 576162.

"Cables - Not that interesting but choosing a good quality one can make a lot of difference. We have a wide range of both copper and fibre optic network cabling for all requirements."
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