ANPR Servers Solutions

We are specialists in the supply and configuration of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems.

We build and supply many server solutions for ANPR companies through the UK and Europe and can supply the systems either as a barebone for the ANPR company to install their own custom software, or we can provide ANPR servers with a choice of off-the-shelf ANPR software to get a single monitored site up and running.

We have years of experience working with ANPR companies so we know exactly the type of environments these systems go into as well as the requirements from their software.

We've created a selection of systems to choose from, but please get in touch with our specialists on 01283 576162 to discuss your requirements.

"Server Store provides a complete range of 19" rackmount PCs to run your ANPR software in applications where you have the option to mount the system in a 19" rackmount cabinet . Our Industrial PC systems are built and tested to customers specification."
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
ISO Certified
Cisco Registered Partner
Intel Technology Partner Platinum 2020
vmware Professional Solution Provider
Western Digital Partner Programme

Call us today on 01283 576847 to talk directly to one of our server specialists

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