Atom Servers

Atom is a processor designed and manufactured by Intel. It is low power and up to medium performance.

Atom based servers have been a popular choice since their release into computer server systems as they have a very low heat output, so are ideal for running in very quiet or fanless type systems. Atom CPU's are best for low end workstations or thin clients, but in server use it is ideal for appliance type systems, such as firewalls, routers and low end process systems. Atom CPU's now range from single core all the way through to 8 core.

They run x86 architecture and can run 64bit applications, too. They will run as a normal system, so can run any flavour of Linux or Windows. Use our custom configurator to choose and build your ideal system in real-time on online.

"if you're considering using an Atom as the basis of your server then go for it! It works much better than I imagined it would, CPU usage is always in single figures when doing normal server tasks."

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