UPS Accessories

A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is a must have for protecting your business-critical components such as servers, switches and routers.

Mains power straight out the wall can be dangerous to connect to computer systems - Spikes in power can cause unforeseen or expected issues, such as damaged components or unreliable operation. In the worst cases it can cause loss of data.

All modern UPS systems interface with a server or computer system (or even a number of them) to allow for safe shutdown and zero risk of data loss.

We have partnered with several UPS manufacturers, including APC and Eaton to offer their world leading range of UPS solutions and products.

We have a wide range of models available, from desktop/tower to rackmount and even datacentre grade, so if you need help choosing the right model please call our sales team on 01283 576162.

"UPS systems don't need to be complicated or expensive but can save you the world of headache when the unexpected occurs."
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